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Vintage sterling silver is a great investment. Silver as a precious metal is unique in that it has value in manufacturing and electronic components as well as a inherent value as a source of currency. Many high-tech components require silver and can use no substitute. Good tool use of silver as a store of value and a high-tech component by Shores it's future increase in value overall. Collectors of this precious metal have not been disappointed. We hope that you take the time to browse the offerings presented here and find something that is greatly to your liking. Since civilization started the charisma of silver has survived. Silver's great strengths contain reflectivity, malleability and ductility. Silver reflects a high percent of light that falls on it. Photographing silver for Internet listings can be a challenge! Ductility and malleability refer to the skill to mould and contour. When working with silver their originality is virtually limitless. Silver is additionally an outstanding heat conductor. One added intriguing note: bacteria cannot survive on silver. Some early surgical instruments were crafted of silver. Nowadays vintage silver surgical things from the 1800's are tremendously collectable.

Sterling Silver Has a Distinct Elegance

While not being overly ostentatious, antique sterling silver silver has a distinctive elegance that is unrivaled. Quality polished sterling silver reflects the light in a simple yet beautiful way. When you use sterling flatware, just don't wait of the items in your hand connotes a quality that is unique. It is not difficult to see why silver over the ages has come to be a symbol of wealth and continues to symbolize it.

We like to think of it in a less materialistic sense, we think that silver and silver ware represents special occasions and family gathering. We believe that the true wealth is from the love shared with the family and the silver is merely a symbol for such special times. In summary we believe that the true riches are the time that you spend together with love ones and the special moments, the value of silver is secondary and only incidental when you bring out the good silverware for such occasions; the riches and prosperity is really in our hearts.

Visitors Have Already Received Choice Silver Items

Many of come here before you and with any luck, folks will continue to utilize this amazing website. Currently, the site remains one of the very best-kept secrets online and silver collectors around the entire world are expecting that their competition does not gain the advantage that this website affords them. Routine folks just like you and me have additionally located pieces and uncommon heirlooms for quite fair costs. Some of them have shared their success with us.

Holly Kiel wrote:

Got my Antique Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Wine Bottle Topper 38.4 Grams some time ago and am really happy how much it cost.
Maisie Ek wrote:
Got my Antique TIFFANY & CO Sterling Silver ORNATE Pattern 1878 Serving Spoon w/Mono some time ago and am totally pleased with it.
Leola Rodda wrote:
Cristin Hora wrote:
Got my 12 ANTIQUE GORHAM STERLING SILVER 6"SPOONS CHERUB VERSAILLES PATTERN MONO months ago and am really happy that I got it.
Roxy Malson wrote:
Today I bought my ANTIQUE S. KIRK & SON STERLING SILVER LADLE 186 GRAMS HEAVY VINTAGE 11.75 " at garage sale.
Corrie Ickes wrote:
Recently my daughter found my VINTAGE lot of 9 ANTIQUE STERLING SILVER 800 SPOON and forks on eBay.
Holly Kiel wrote:
Got my Antique sterling silver shrimp forks (two) by R. Harris & Co. hours ago and am totally pleased the purchase.
Dollie Tagle wrote:
Got my Antique Sterling Silver Teaspoon 6 inch Vintage Hallmarked years ago and am totally pleased with it.
Jeremy wrote:
Got my Century Sterling Silver Flatwear Set Antique some time ago and am totally pleased the quality.
Fay Dudas wrote:
Today I found my Antique STERLING SILVER MATCH BOX COVER with Cigarette Ash Tray at garage sale.
Roxy Malson wrote:
Got my Vintage estate 925 Sterling silver jewelry lot not scrap 838G #8 hours ago and am really happy the transaction.
Cindi Fielding wrote:
Recently I bought my Royal Crest Sterling Silver Flatware Castle Rose Serving Spoon 8 1/4 " No Mono on eBay.
Dalila Risinger wrote:
Got my Lovely Elegant Antique Sterling Silver Vase Made By Tiffany And Co. 364 Grams some time ago and am totally pleased with it.
Abby wrote:
Today I found my antique sterling silver sugar spoons on eBay.
Nathan wrote:
Got my Elegant Antique Large Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Charger 12” Diameter hours ago and am totally pleased the purchase.
Nathan wrote:
Got my Gorham Sterling Silver Buttercup no mono flatware 24 pieces 25 troy oz silver hours ago and am really happy with the price.
Brian wrote:
Got my Sterling Silver .925 Money Clip Vintage Antique years ago and am really happy the quality.
Jeffery Cowan wrote:
Today I found my Antique Tiffany and Co. Sterling Silver Bowl at a yard sale.
Dean wrote:
Got my HUGE LOT OF ASSORTED VINTAGE STERLING SILVER (925) ~79.60 OUNCES~ months ago and am really happy the quality.
Myra wrote:
Recently I found my 2 Antique Sterling Silver Spoons Monogrammed "Ella" on eBay.

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