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This page is all about Barton Sterling Soup products and associated accessories. We believe this choice should be ideal for you. Simply By providing a wide variety of items, we believe that this boosts the likelihood of discovering what you want. Love this particular website.

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Love Disarmed by Reed & Barton Phil Dreis, owner of the Antique Cupboard and author of the Warman's Sterling Silver Flatware: Value & Identification Guide talks about Love Disarmed pattern...

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Magnolia wrote:

Today my daughter bought my Reed & Barton French Renaissance Sterling Silver Cream Soup Spoon on Amazon.
Annett Glanton wrote:
Last week I picked up my Reed & Barton Sterling French Renaissance Cream Soup Spoons on Amazon.
Vaughn wrote:
Just yesterday I bought my Reed & Barton Eighteenth Century 6-3/4" Oval Soup Dessert Spoon New Unused Sterl at garage sale.
Dean wrote:
Recently I found my Reed & Barton GRANDE RENAISSANCE (STERLING) Cream Soup Spoon 570109 on eBay.
Corrie Ickes wrote:
Today my son-in-law bought my Reed & Barton MARLBOROUGH (STERLING) Gumbo Soup Spoon 571853 at a yard sale.
Moon Arrieta wrote:
Just yesterday I picked up my Reed & Barton DANCING FLOWERS (STERLING) Dessert Oval Soup Spoon 1323411 at a yard sale.
Briana wrote:
Got my Reed & Barton DANCING FLOWERS (STERLING) Cream Soup Spoon 568349 hours ago and am totally pleased that I got it.
Christeen wrote:
Today I found my Reed & Barton Francis I Sterling Silver 5 7/8" Cream Soup Spoon No Mono at a yard sale.
Edith Twitchell wrote:
Recently my daughter bought my Reed & Barton~Silver Wheat Pattern~Sterling~ Soup Spoon on eBay.
Mercedes Busick wrote:
Got my VINTAGE 925 STERLING REED & BARTON FRANCIS I 1907 SOUP SPOON hours ago and am really happy that I got it.
Sumiko Gabourel wrote:
Got my Vintage Reed & Barton Sterling Silver Georgian Rose 8 Round Bowl Soup Spoons years ago and am totally pleased with it.
Edith Twitchell wrote:
Just last week I picked up my Antique Reed & Barton La Perle 1902 Sterling Silver Place Soup Spoon 7 ½” at garage sale.
Dalila Risinger wrote:
Got my REED & BARTON STERLING SILVER - MARLBOROUGH - (2) ROUND BOWL SOUP SPOONS months ago and am totally pleased the quality.
Sharell wrote:
Lashawnda Berning wrote:
Today my wife bought my Reed & Barton Francis I Sterling Silver 6-5/8" Oval Soup Dessert Spoon No Mono at garage sale.
Jeanie Green wrote:
Got my Reed & Barton GOLDEN ASHMONT (STERLING) Place Oval Soup Spoon 5583210 weeks ago and am totally pleased how much it cost.

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